MOSSLAND digital promo


Mossland, a mobile game merging real urban landmarks with augmented reality, offers players the chance to own nearby real estate and trade it using Moss Coin cryptocurrency.

The game’s innovative use of augmented reality elements transforms the familiar cityscape, creating a viral impact among users.


The challenge lay in crafting a compelling advertising campaign that would spotlight Mossland’s groundbreaking nature.

With the project in its nascent stage, our goal was to announce its presence boldly, emphasizing its innovation and technological prowess to captivate the audience.


Embracing futurism, our creative team constructed a visually stunning campaign that projected Mossland as a cutting-edge platform merging reality and technology.

Through a blend of creative designs and forward-looking concepts, the campaign highlighted Mossland’s potential as a pioneering force in the metaverse landscape.


Our approach centered on envisioning “The City of the Future.” We aimed to convey the project’s innovative spirit through a futuristic graphical concept.

Leveraging futurism as our guiding theme, we developed creative ideas and visual materials that echoed the innovative essence of Mossland.

The campaign’s core focus was on amplifying Mossland’s uniqueness and technological sophistication, establishing it as a prominent player in the burgeoning world of blockchain-based metaverse projects.

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