Web analytics
for business

Data collection setup. Data analysis.

We are convinced that web analytics is necessary for 
making the right management decisions.

Correct configuration of web analytics services

All data collected

You have end-to-end analytics

Experience in data analysis and in digital advertising

92% of sites have critical issues with web analytics setup and data collection. These companies cannot correctly analyze the effectiveness of your advertising and make the right conclusions.

* according to the results of a study of the settings of Google Analytics, a sample of 2000 sites.

Time to make the right management decisions!

Web Analytics Agency

  • Understanding the real efficiency of each advertising channel and tool, including associated conversions and attribution models.
  • Tracking user behavior on the site or application.
  • Analyze user’s conversion path in detail.
  • See accurate data on the revenue generated by each traffic source and advertising tool.

With the right web analytics, you can reduce your advertising budget and get the same number of sales, or get more customers within your current budget.

Make your advertising more effective!

Our web analytics services

Web analytics audit

We will audit your analytics tools and provide recommendations and specifications for settings and data collection.

Google Analytics setup for corporate websites and landings

We’ll configure the Web analytics tools, goals and visualize data.

Google Analytics. GTM. HotJar. Looker Studio. Power BI.

Google Analytics setup for ecommerce websites

We’ll configure the Web analytics tools, correct reports of enhanced ecommerce, all the necessary goals and transactions, integration with CRM, visualize data.

Google Analytics. GTM. Looker Studio. 

Mobile analytics setup

We’ll configure the Mobile analytics tools, events and visualize data.

Google Firebase. Google Analytics. Amplitude. AppsFlyer. Looker Studio.

End-to-end analytics

We’ll set up tracking of all sales, traffic and advertising in one place. We will build custom reports that will answer all your questions.

Reports and data visualization

We’ll visualize all the data you need for easy analysis in tabular reports and interactive dashboards.

Looker Studio. Power BI.

UAMASTER's web analytics agency configuration will allow you to:

We work with all popular tools of web analytics, data collection, analysis and visualization: Google (BigQuery, GA 4, Tag Manager, Data Studio, Optimize, Firebase), Owox BI, HotJar, Amplitude, AppsFlyer, Microsoft Power BI and many others.

We have extensive experience in integrating web analytics tools, CRM and other databases.

We provide consulting for ecommerce projects to build and maintenance a Data Warehouse and end-to-end analytics.

Professional Google Analytics 4 (GA4) setup by UAMASTER web analytics agency.

Perfect digital experience


Perfect digital experience


Contact us and we’ll set up your web analytics. You will receive correct reports and dashboards, thanks to which you will be able to make the right management decisions.