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Multifunctional website development

Fleet5 is a unique all-in-one project that consists of four independent products: training in the academy of yachting, worldwide yacht rent, unforgettable yacht weeks and participation in international regattas.


The main problem is wrong associations with yachting. Many people suppose that yachting is an expensive sport or leisure, and it’s difficult and dangerous. Many people can’t understand yachting, after all

We have divided our tasks to informational and technical.

First of all, we have had to dispel any mistaken impressions of yachting and raise more loyal audience.

Also, we needed to place four self-sufficient products at one platform, keeping their logic and functionality.


Desktop version of the website is saturated with maximum amount of unique visual content to reflect the full range of services.

Fleet 5 treats the presentation very seriously, so it takes a lot of time and effort to create own quality visual content.


We developed the design and logic of mobile version similar to a mobile app in order to place all products and services comfortably.

This allowed to combine maximum information with easy navigation.

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