Google Shopping

Google Shopping is your secret to successful sales and increasing orders.

The three main advantages of Google Shopping

Increased sales

Your products will be displayed with photos, prices, and names, which will help attract users’ attention. They will be able to quickly understand why your product is the best choice.

Displaying ads on Google partner websites and mobile devices

Potential customers will be able to see your products while browsing web pages that match their interests.

Targeting an interested audience

Direct visualization of products attracts the audience and encourages quick decision-making for purchase without the need to visit a website.


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The average traffic growth of our clients per hour

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Number of projects with Google Shopping

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Successful cases

Setting up Google Shopping advertising with UAMASTER will allow you to:

Filling out the brief

Developing an advertising strategy

Integration of analytical tools to measure results

Creation, configuration, and launch of advertising campaigns

Preparation of reports on campaign results and analysis of ads campaign effectiveness

Do you need consultation?

Contact us, and we will provide guidance and suggest the optimal goals for your advertising in Google Shopping

  • Google Shopping Ads are advertisements that appear in Google search results when a user searches for a specific product. They include product images, names, prices, and ratings, attracting the attention of potential buyers.

    Comparison Shopping Engines are platforms where information about products can be uploaded to be visible on various popular price comparison websites. Google Shopping is one of these partner comparison platforms.

    Google Shopping Dynamic Ads are automatically generated ads shown to potential customers based on their previous behavior and interests. They display specific products that may be most interesting to each individual user.

    These different types of Google Shopping ads allow you to effectively attract attention to your products and increase the number of orders.

  • Businesses requiring quick sales launches.
  • Stores specializing in seasonal, trending, or hot offers.
  • Online stores with a wide range of products.
  • Businesses needing to provide up-to-date prices with automatic updates.
  • E-commerce websites facing high competition.
  • Websites regularly running sales and promotions.

The cost of advertising on Google Shopping depends on several factors, such as the language version of your website, the bid for each click, the display region, the level of competition, and the specifics of your product niche. To find out the advertising cost and receive detailed information about collaboration, please submit a request for our services.

Yes, we have designers in our agency. We can help you create a well-structured brief and, at the initial stage of collaboration, develop effective advertising campaigns according to your preferences.

UAMASTER agency can assist you in planning and setting up Google Shopping advertising, reducing the effort and time spent on self-promotion. With their expertise and knowledge of the platform, UAMASTER agency will provide effective campaign setup and optimize advertising costs. Advertising placement through the agency is based on careful strategy and analysis of the target audience, ensuring maximum effectiveness of the advertising campaign.

Order Google Shopping advertising setup from UAMASTER and gain profitability and brand recognition!

We work even with small budgets:

from 10 000 USD per month.

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