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We increase offline and online sales by increasing your brand awareness

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We are increasing online sales for e-commerce and SaaS projects

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We increase the number of calls and appeals to your company through the site

All types of Google advertising

We skillfully master all the possibilities of Google Ads Management and Google Analytics. Thanks to this, our clients get the best results. Contact us today and find out about a special offer: +500 USD bonus for new UAMASTER clients.

Search “contextual” advertising in Google is the most popular online advertising tool in the world.

Read more about Google Search Ads management. 

An ideal tool for brand advertising campaigns.

Did you know that there are currently six different types of YouTube ad campaigns? We know all the nuances of setting up each type of campaign, as well as the tricks thanks to which you can achieve the best results.

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We use it for informing, forming brand knowledge and reminders (remarketing).

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Campaigns with improved use of machine learning to achieve the most targeted actions (goals) on your site.

We configure and optimize Shopping campaigns for your e-commerce project.

Read more about Shopping campaigns management.


Have a mobile app? We will use UAC for you, and we are also ready to offer other advertising tools and ASO.

Special advertising solutions from Google for the promotion of offline businesses: shops, restaurants, etc.

How to advertise in Google and get the best result?

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An impressive experience

We have been advertising on Google since 2004. Thousands of advertising campaigns in 65 countries.

Certified specialists

Our specialists are certified in Google advertising (Google Ads) and Google Analytics.

We are official Google Partner

We give additional benefits and bonuses to our clients. Extended support.

ТОР-15 ranked agency WorldWide

in the Clutch digital agencies ranking.

Google Advetising Management: our roadmap

Tell us about your goals

Analysis of the current situation and competitors

Google Ads campaigns planning

Google Analytics check-up. Setup of Google Ads Campaigns.

Daily optimization of the campaign. Reports.

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Google Advertising (Google Ads) – frequently asked questions

Google Ads, previously known as Google AdWords, is an advertising platform offered by Google that enables companies to place advertisements on various platforms such as Google search, Gmail, YouTube, and partner sites across the globe.

By advertising through Google Ads, you can reach up to 92% of the internet audience. This platform provides numerous benefits, including:

  1. Auction-based pricing: Advertisers can decide the cost of their advertisements as per the auction principle.
  2. Extensive targeting options: With Google Ads, advertisers have access to various targeting options to reach their desired audience effectively.

Overall, Google Ads is one of the most efficient and widely used advertising platforms available on the internet.

When it comes to advertising on Google, the question usually pertains to search advertising (contextual advertising) on Google.

Here are some key principles behind how search advertising on Google works:

  1. Auction-based pricing: Advertisers decide on the optimal cost per click for their ad, making search advertising a cost-effective way to promote your business.

  2. Pay-per-click model: Advertisers only pay for conversions, not ad impressions.

  3. Ad relevance to search queries: Advertisers choose which search queries they want their ads to appear for.

  4. Quality Score: Properly configured search ads have a higher quality score, allowing advertisers to pay less for clicks than their competitors.

At our company, we use a combination of specialist RRS examination and machine learning to provide the best results for our clients. Contact us to see for yourself.

The Google Ads advertising platform is a versatile and extensive system that allows for the creation of eight different types of advertising campaigns:

  • Search Ads, Video Ads, Banner Ads, Performance Max, Discovery, Universal App Campaigns, Smart Campaigns, and Shopping Campaigns.

To effectively harness the power of Google Ads, several steps must be taken:

  • Determine the goals of the advertising campaign.
  • Select the appropriate type of advertising campaign.
  • Check all settings and targeting options to ensure optimal performance.
  • Create compelling messages that contain both rational and emotional elements.
  • Continuously monitor the effectiveness of your advertising campaign and make necessary changes to improve results.

Managing a successful Google Ads campaign requires both expertise and time.

Google Ads uses an auction-based pricing model, which requires advertisers to determine their price per click and price per thousand impressions (for banner and video ads) to suit their budget and objectives.

The optimal advertising budget for Google Ads varies based on the campaign’s goals, geographic location, chosen advertising tools, target audience size and structure, and the number of products or services being promoted.

For instance, a small coffee shop might spend 200-1000 USD per month, while a large online store or mobile operator could spend millions or even tens of millions USD per month on Google advertising.

Each advertiser can independently determine their advertising budget, but our expert assistance is available to calculate the optimal budget if needed.

The minimum payment amount for replenishing a Google Ads account is 50 USD.

Advertising on Google can vary significantly in price for different advertisers, depending on the topic, keywords, and target audience. While the cost of a single click on Google starts at just one penny, many advertisers pay significantly more to have their ads displayed higher than their competitors.

For instance, the price for a single click on Google in search advertising can vary greatly depending on the topic, keyword and city, with costs listed in USD per click.

KeywordLondon, UKNew York, USLos Angeles, USMelbourne, Australia
buy a laptop4,710,510,54
pizza delivery23,23,23,9
accountant services11,727,62310,8
car rental4,75,44,93,3
civil lawyer5,312,219,523,6
dentist near me6,112,926,29,4


In some cases, highly specialized queries can result in the cost of a single click on Google reaching up to 100, 200, or even 500 USD.

However, by using the right advertising settings, it’s possible to reduce the cost of a click on Google. Contact us to learn how we can help you achieve the best possible results.

When it comes to advertising on Google, there are three main options to choose from:

  • Do it yourself: Complete the necessary training (which can take anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 months), create a Google Ads advertising account, build advertising campaigns, pay for ad placement, and spend time every day optimizing your campaigns.
  • Hire an in-house specialist: This can be a costly option, as the salary of an experienced specialist is usually higher than the agency fee.
  • Engage a digital agency: Choose a Google Partner agency to handle all the necessary work for you. This includes having certified specialists build and manage your campaigns, as well as receiving detailed reports on your advertising performance.

Consider these options carefully to determine which one is the best fit for your business needs and budget.

Commercial advertisers cannot advertise on Google for free. However, there is good news for you. UAMASTER, a digital agency with the status of a Google partner, provides a bonus of up to USD 500 to all new clients who have never used Google Ads before. Contact us today to claim your bonus and start promoting your business on Google.

Only non-profit organizations (NGOs) that have received a special grant from Google are eligible to advertise on Google for free.

Google Ads: Table of Contents

At UAMASTER, we offer advertising services on Google Ads that are backed by the engineering precision and expertise of thousands of advertising campaigns. Our team is dedicated to helping your business succeed.

We believe that all businesses, regardless of size, should have access to high-qualified management of Google advertising. That’s why we work also with small budgets, starting from just 10,000 USD per month.

Contact us today to learn more about how our advertising services can help grow your business.

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