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Brandformance marketing

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Growth Hacking

For online business

The Brandformance approach allows us to determine the synergistic effect of using various online promotion tools and build a strategy for the most effective acquisition of new customers and increased sales within a mathematical model. To build the Brandformance approach, we utilize:

  • Cross-channel analytics and optimal attribution modeling
  • Post-view analytics and the impact of media advertising on conversion tools
  • The Influence of offline advertising on conversion tools
  • Growth & Retention model
  • LTV optimization
  • Brand Awareness to Share of Market
  • Other methodologies (within your communication model)
Please provide your contact information and we will tell you about the advantages of using the brandformance approach in your business.

For offline business

  • How does online advertising impact offline sales?
  • Which tools provide the best return on investment for every invested hryvnia?
  • What is the most effective media split?
  • Which TV channel advertising yields the best results?
  • How to achieve the desired level of offline sales through online advertising?

With the Brandformance approach, we provide answers to these and many other questions that marketing directors typically encounter.

Contact us and we will help you build digital-centric communication with the maximum possible results.

We skillfully combine the best practices of traditional marketing with the latest digital tools, utilizing mathematical models that provide our clients with accurate performance forecasts and significant competitive advantage.

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