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Advertising on Facebook has several advantages for your business

Facebook is an international social network that allows users to exchange thoughts and information. Its main feature is the “smart feed” of recommendations.

Facebook operates on artificial intelligence algorithms and uses users’ interests to curate recommended content and advertisements. Advertisements are mixed in with the recommended content and subtly promoted to potential customers.


Facebook is a social network that is the most popular platform among the population in Ukraine and worldwide.

20 million

users – potential reach of your advertising campaign on Facebook in Ukraine.


years – it is the core age group of Facebook users worldwide.


in terms of audience reach in Ukraine among social media platforms, Facebook ranks first, followed by Instagram in second place, and TikTok in third place.

What are the main objectives addressed by advertising on Facebook?

Increasing sales volume

Facebook advertising stimulates demand for a product or service by attracting the attention of potential customers and encouraging them to make a purchase.

Acquiring new customers

Through targeted targeting, Facebook advertising allows businesses to reach specific audiences and attract new customers to their brand.

Wide audience reach

Facebook is the most popular social network in the world with billions of active users, creating significant opportunities to reach a broad audience.

Do you need a consultation?

Contact us, and we will advise you on the optimal goals for your Facebook advertising.

Setting up Facebook advertising by UAMASTER will allow you to:

Filling out the brief

Analyzing the current situation and competitors

Developing a plan for the advertising campaign

Verifying web analytics. Setting up the advertising campaign

Continuous campaign optimization

Yes, there is very little organic traffic on Facebook. It is an excellent way to attract new customers and expand your business. Setting up Facebook advertising allows you to target your specific audience through detailed targeting options. Additionally, leveraging the platform’s capabilities, you can set up targeting for people who have interacted with your content on Facebook or your website.

The cost for setting up Facebook advertising and organizing an advertising campaign depends on various factors, such as your objective, target audience, industry, and more. To learn more about the specific cost of setting up Facebook advertising, please contact us.

Targeted advertising on Facebook offers several types of ads:

  • Image Ads. An attractive and informative image can capture the user’s attention.
  • Dynamic Ads. The main idea behind this type of advertising is to show users relevant ads that align with their interests and previous actions.
  • Carousel Ads. By allowing users to swipe through multiple cards, you can provide more detailed information about your product or service using a combination of videos or images.
  • Ads in Stories and Reels. These ads blend in with organic content and users can engage with them by commenting, saving, or sharing.
  • Messenger Ads. Ads that include a call-to-action to start a conversation on Messenger.

If you want to start your advertising campaign on Facebook but have doubts about its effectiveness, the digital agency UAMASTER can help you set up advertising on Facebook. You just need to provide your contact information and wait for our managers to get back to you.

Targeted advertising on Facebook is popular worldwide. You can use Facebook advertising to showcase new products, promote special offers, engage in retargeting campaigns, and increase conversions. Promoting your business on social media is an essential part of marketing strategies to boost sales and attract new customers. Facebook advertising is suitable for both B2B and B2C companies since its main advantage lies in reaching a wide audience.

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