Promotion of loan comparison service - LIGA.Money


“LIGA.Money” is the only online service in Ukraine that provides reliable information about the conditions of lending in banks.

On the company’s website you can find up-to-date information about loans for cars, real estate, consumer loans and credit cards.

The aim of the project is to inform Ukrainian consumers: how to understand various financial services, learn how to make informed decisions about loans and other financial products.


We had to convey to the Ukrainian community information about the benefits of the LIGA.Money service and get the maximum number of applications for loans.


The following work has been carried out by the agency:

  • UI/UX recommendations to improve conversion rate,
  • additional settings for web analytics services,
  • development of a creative promotion concept,
  • optimization of old and launch of new advertising campaigns.

In particular, a large amount of work was done on additional settings and optimization of search advertising and GDN:

  • testing different bidding strategies,
  • testing targeting options,
    disable inefficient segments,
  • regular updating and testing of creatives,
    constant work with the semantic core and negative keywords,
  • improving the quality score of keywords.


Our main focus at this stage is to improve the quality of the audience attracted to the site.

At the same time, the LIGA.Money team has been working on improving the site’s usability to provide a better customer experience and increase the conversion rate.


For two months of joint work of the LIGA.Money and UAMASTER teams in an ultra-competitive market, we have managed to achieve significant results:

+ 17.7% of visitors

+ 99.9% conversion rate

+ 64.5% leads

– 50.1% cost per lead





convertion rate growrh




cost per lead

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