Digital Promo, SMM, Webdev - Tefal OptiGrill


In 2016, Tefal presented a smart indoor electric grill for cooking meat from rare to well done.

It is ideal for cooking any grilled dishes, and it works fast as well as being easy to clean.


The product was completely new and unknown to Ukrainian customers.


We had to publicize the advantages of the Tefal OptiGrill and demonstrate that this grill would be a smart tool in the kitchen.


We created communication idea and developed an interactive promo page.

To build an emotional attachment between the brand and potential customers, we used game mechanics to get customers to share their results in social networks

We created 5 female and 5 male ironical characters that matched different stages of cooking from “rare” to “well done”, including whimsical stages “it’s alive” and “coal done”.

The prototypes of the characters are cult heroes of films and comics who are well known by our audience.


// CTR of a post was 10% which is 20 times more than the usual CTR of a banner
// More than 500k visits on the promo page
// And most importantly: all the grills were sold out in 2 months!




organic reach

6 567

social shares

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