Hercules Ice Cream Creative strategy for Facebook and Instagram


Hercules is a company that has been producing ice cream for 15 years.

It has a diverse product portfolio where ice cream didn’t stand out among other products.

Historically Hercules is a brand that has used provocation to stand out.

The biggest provocation of our users hides in their fantasies.


We needed to distinguish ice cream from the rest of the product range of Hercules and create a communications strategy for social media.


We have developed a new communications strategy:

Hercules is a brand that encourages fantasy in all its forms!


When it comes to fantasy, society sets up boundaries: it’s too eccentric, too arrogant, too brave and so on.

There is never “too much” fantasy. “Too much” is the new normal to us!


Our new message, manifest and cry of heart:

“Have fantasies with no rules!”

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