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Everything is already Digital

Hello world! We are an explosive mix of different generations. Yeah, we’re those Y’s and Z’s. But we don’t want to believe in one-sided determination of our generations, because every team member is unique. We are sure you appreciate uniqueness, too.

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If you are sincere in what you do and what you need, and if you want to build strong communication with your audience, our curiosity, ingenuity and inspiration are all yours.

Let’s make it digital!

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Our approach

Our work algorithm is a result of 15 years solving marketing tasks of varying complexity. Our approach allows to replace unsystematic use of digital instruments with complex communication.

Target audience



Using empathy map, we build a detailed portrait of target audience, trace the customer’s path to purchase, consumption motives and barriers to purchase.

Our specialists build communication that will resonate with specific customers.




We create ads which stand out from the category and engage customers.

We analyze all advertising noise from the competitors - their rational and emotional messages - and track the media indicators dynamics.




When creating ads, we estimate customer touchpoints.

Also, we pay much attention to brand archetype evaluation.

This helps to integrate digital in brand activities complex.




We are sure that in XXI century digital needs to be at every brand’s communication core. That’s the only way we can engage customers in long-term interaction with your brand.

UAMASTER’s goal is to build digital enabled communication based on target audience and market analysis.

Digital marketing improving



Long-term projects bring pleasure, so we pay much attention to digital marketing development of every our client.


We are interested in developing all digital processes in your company. That’s why we strive to bring each of these processes to a new level, as a result of teamwork.


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For 15 years our team has accumulated a lot of knowledge. We combined them at the School of Digital Advertising, and our Digital Tuesdays.

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